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Sunshine soaking,
Dog obsessed,
Marathon reader (not runner)

hi I'm Kris

since 2001. Twenty years! I can't believe it, although my grey hairs tell me to. 

I've been a photographer

Her name is a photography effect. Yes I'm a nerd.

This is Bokeh.

I'm writing. Or reading. Or drinking coffee.
Or walking my dog... again. 

When I'm not photographing

I photographed weddings for 18 years, but am currently taking a few years off, getting my weekends back and taking time to enjoy smaller sessions like Families, seniors, and houses!

Seniors, Families, and Real Estate.
I also love pets, 
maternity, and couples!

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I specialize in:

Real Estate



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We were extremely happy with our professional real estate photos. We got them the very same day. Many people complimented the nice photos.

_ google review with  five stars

Kris was such a joy to have on our special day. She made the photos go so smoothly and the shoot was effortless. I appreciated her soft, kind, and patient personality. She was organized prior to and during our event. Her work is amazing and I am so happy to have these treasures to remember our day.

Rabekah - Google review with 5 stars

Kris did our home/real estate photos as we prepared to sell our home. We were so impressed with her quick, thorough and friendly communication before and after, and her eye for detail (moving little things out of rooms that might be distracting, getting just the right angles, catching and creating the perfect light for each room). Kris was on time, friendly, did quick but through work, and was so gracious and patient with us if we needed to move something out of a room or place our pets in a different area. She got our photos to us SO quickly (earlier than promised) and they are absolutely amazing. We would recommend Kris to any and everyone!

Kristin - Google review with 5 stars




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