May 11, 2010

5.1.2010 | R+T

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Wow, my first wedding of the season. The first one is always full of extra excitement, a touch of fear, and a whole lot of pent up energy on my part.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t very cooperative. It was WINDY, cold, and drizzled a bit too. But R+T were both willing to brave the elements long enough to get some amazing shots!

The dress was gorgeous! This stained glass window had special meaning for the bride, as it was dedicated to her grandfather. I just love being able to catch special meanings that are hidden in the images!


Super close up shots of the rings are really challenging to focus, but so fun when they turn out!

Hairspray, look out!


I LOVE the image below, so much fun!

The JOY of this pair at finally being together… so beautiful. Plus the wind in the veil is stunning. *sigh*

We headed out to a grungy old hardware store, which had this really interesting corner. Grass + grungy walls. It really made the beauty of the bride stand out!

This one may be familiar to those who have seen my website. I just love it! I think I’m going to have to take one of every bride this year and do a collage.


Across the street from the church was great-grandma’s abandoned house, which just happend to be painted in the wedding colors. So despite the drizzle we just HAD to take some photos there!


Isn’t that just beautiful!

Now I can’t wait for the next wedding … May 28th, here I come.

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