March 17, 2011

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 Today I went out on my first bike ride of the year. I always bring my dog to run alongside. She just loves it, and comes home so content! As we peddled through puddles, splashing away I was once again reminded of what a blessed life I lead. To have a job where I can take 15 minute bike ride to refresh my creativity almost anytime I need to. Well. That is fabulous! Especially after all that is going on in Japan this week. It is time to be very thankful and grateful.

As we headed home I saw a FedEx truck parked across from my house. I laughed as the FedEx man took a giant leap to cross the lake at the end of the driveway. He smiled at Elssa, and took off. What could the package be? Well….


A new sample guestbook of course! I try to keep all my samples updated every year, as my abilities grow, and technology changes. It’s only fair to show my recent work. So if you are planning a wedding in the Fargo area, and are looking for a local Fargo wedding photographer. And if you contact me. Well, you just might get to hold this pretty little book, and look at all the cute couples from last fall’s engagement sessions. : )


Kandel Photography | Fargo Wedding Photographer

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