April 6, 2011

A day in my life | Or what a photographer does on non-shooting days

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My day gets going with a cup of java and breakfast. (Yes I know it’s decaffeinated but if you read what caffeine does to me  HERE you will know why!)


undefined My breakfasts have been especially delicious lately. Dad brought home some REAL Dutch cheese when he came back from Kenya (he spent 3 days with family in Holland). There is no better way to start the day!

I won’t bore you with random morning routines but jump right into my work day.

10:11 AM  Check and answer emails: undefined 10:32Check Facebook – I do a LOT of networking here. There are several photography groups where we help each other with problems, crazy client situations, or give heads up on some online workshops to check out. So this is not just play time folks. Serious work goes on in Facebook!



11:02 Find another online listing service to register my business with. These may not actually bring me work but they are read by google, so it’s a great way to get my SEO working. (In English that means that the more google sees my business listed in multiple locations the higher they rank my business, so I can come up on page one of a search instead of page 30 which no one looks at)



This service actually had me fill out a lot of questions so it took about 45 minutes to fill it all out.

11:46 I put on my accounting hat and balance my books for the week + my monthly statements came in so a little extra work.

undefined 12:00 I watch a few minutes of an online live show put on by my web hosting company and software – SHOWIT. Don’t have a lot of time to watch though … gota get myself put together for a networking meeting.

12:06 Makeup + Hair + pack my bags

undefined 12:20 swing by the bank. Too bad Elssaisn’t with me. They always give doggie treats so she LOVES the drive through. It’s like the Dairy Queen for dogs. ; ) undefined 12:30 drive 20 miles out of town to go to the Venue that I’m networking with. The fields are finally free of most of the snow!!

undefined 12:52 A Friends House venue on HWY 75 north of Moorhead. (I took this photo at a wedding last fall)

undefined After talking with Bobbi for an hour about our businesses and giving her some images to use on her website I drove back to town and stopped by the library to drop of some due items and look at the business book section. I’m reading  The Purple Cow right now and am almost done with it, so I need another great read on business and marketing. ; )

undefined Run a few more errands and get home at 3:20ish. My phone rings as I walk in the door. A client would like to pick up their disk of images. So I need to burn and package them!


4:10  Finish burning + Printing + packaging

undefined 4:20 time to check the email and Facebook again.

5:22 client picks up disk

5:32 time for some Elssa play time.

undefined undefined undefined

5:50 Tea and an I Love Lucy break. I need it badly by this time. I forgot lunch today, and am pretty tired from all the running around!

undefined undefined 6:10 I’m learning Adobe Illustrator so whenever I can I’m going through a tutorial program on youtube. I love youtube!

undefined And finally at 7:17 my sister is back from her ballet lessons and we can EAT! Quiche and jasmine rice. MMMMM.


Well the rest of the evening is pretty boring. More emails. More Facebook. More tea and one more I Love Lucy episode. Another tutorial. and then It’s time to cuddle up with a good book in bed. I finished reading P.G. Wodehouse’s What Ho Jeeves last night. I try not to read business books in bed otherwise I’m up all night thinking!!

So that’s a pretty typical day for me. Bouncing from one thing to another, always moving forward. And enjoying it!

What is your day like??

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