September 15, 2011

A Friends House Moorhead | Emily + Ryan | Fargo Wedding Photography

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9-10-11, probably the most requested date of 2011!  A beautiful blue sky day turned into a hot afternoon over 90 degrees! Anyone who  lives in ND / MN knows how unusual that is this time of year. Actually last night we got our first frost so it dropped 60 degrees in about 3 days. Yes weather is fickle around here. But Saturday couldn’t have been nicer. Perfect for an outdoor wedding at A Friends House in Moorhead – HWY 75.


Don’t you just love it when brides have fun things like this “Just Married” banner. LOVE.

There are so many fun buildings to use as backdrops. Unfortunately this will be the last year the old red barn is in existence. You can see the roof is sagging – so it’s going to be taken down for safety reasons next year. I just had to enjoy it one last time!!

The bride’s maids dresses were so interesting. Each one could tie the top any way she wanted. So unique!

The girls found a toad so of course they dared the bride to kiss it (Or almost kiss it)…

But the prince got away!

Back to gorgeousness…

and fun details…

Emily’s parents brought her a special tuppence from Ireland just for her wedding. How fun is that!

And I was pretty excited to learn a new ring trick this week … how to get the rings to stand up! It’s always fun to learn new secrets of the trade. ; )

Getting ready for the ceremony:

I Love this shot:

Reception time!

The groom brewed almost all the beer for the reception, plus a few specialty bottles. Now that’s something unique!


Fantastic shredded pork by Pork-N-Boys. My assistant was talking with them about their business and they said the hardest part of their job is finding single pigs since most farmers are under contract to sell x amount at a time due to government regulations! Who knew.

Everyone was really excited about the food, especially the groom! I think the Spicy Bean Sauce was the favorite…

Dancing away the sunset. So perfect!

My assistant got this amazing photo of the father/daughter dance. So sweet!

Cha-cha line! Or is it the conga line??

After sunset it’s time to PARTY in the white barn!

Ahhh. What a happy day all around!!

Now to prep for the next wedding this coming Saturday. Whew!



Venue: A Friends House Moorhead

Flowers: Cashwise

Hair: Oliveri’s 

Dress: Alan Evans

Tux: TipTopTux

DJ: Zimm’s Entertainment – Chad

Catering: Pork -N- Boys 

Photography: By me – Kandel Photography  or my Facebook page

  1. Michael Shannon, FOB says:

    Not sure that my FB comment made it to your blog…so I’ll repeat it here. You are truly a brilliant artist. The photos are fantastic! Was it just a magical moment in time or a perfect storm of lighting/setting/timing and beautiful subjects? Hope you win some award for your work!

    PS- I’m glad you even shot the lemonade/water containers…the box they took them out of said “SHANNON crystal from Ireland”, fate or coincidence?

    PPS- The toad jumped away to become her prince inside the chapel!

  2. KJK says:

    Thank you Michael!!
    It means so much to me to hear that people love their photos!! I truly enjoyed working with Emily & Ryan on Saturday, so much FUN! And yes, Emily did get her prince!
    I’ll be in touch as I finish editing the images. Thanks again for your kind words!

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