February 9, 2011

A history of me

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For those of you new to my blog I’m doing a mini series going through all the about me pages on my website.  It’s been fun introducing myself in more detail!

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Most people I know can’t stand history. They say it’s boring. Well if you had been taught by my teacher you wouldn’t have said that! I was homeschooled so my teacher (mom) was always trying to make school and learning interesting, fun, exciting. We’d pick a topic and study all the angles. I remember in about 6th grade we studied ancient Egypt.  We built sugar cube pyramids while mom read to us about the pharaohs. We put on a play for my dad, including a mural painting, and my brothers in paper tube beards!

Later, in High School, we studied WWII and read books about personal stories not just dates and names. We listened to the Andrews Sisters and Glen Miller to get a feel for what was popular. We watched classic movie of the era like Casablanca, noticing the details of clothing and cars and style of hair. At the end of our unit study we had a grand meal, everyone dressed up. The guys wore old GI uniforms and the girls dolled up like Betty Grable or Judy Garland. Now doesn’t that sound like a fun way to learn history!

 Real people. Real events. Real styles, music, books, stories, lives.

I love history so much I’m getting my bachelors in History! And no- I am not going to be a teacher. I just like studying about it. Photography is -and hopefully will always be- my career.

My favorite Eras: Ancient history and 1700-1950.  

What was your favorite subject in school?


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  1. History! Gotta love it! Congrats on your going for your Bachelors!

  2. My favorite subject was always Art and English. 🙂 … I loooove history though. I think I was supposed to be born about 2 centuries ago. 😀

  3. KJK says:

    Chelsea, I think if I didn’t go in for history it would have been a toss up between Art or English. Totally love those three subjects!! I took as many english and art credits as I could. 😉

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