January 18, 2010

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I’ve just spent the last five hours working on a wedding album layout. I wish I could share the page layouts with you all, but it wouldn’t be very fair to show the world before the Bride and Groom get a chance to see it! It’s a beautiful album.

I let couples choose their favorite images and I use that as a guide for what ends up in the album. I think it’s only fair that the Bride and Groom have a say in what images go in their album, after all they are the ones who will be looking at it for 70 years! Often I’m surprised at what people choose,  the photos I love are very different than what the couple picks out. I guess it’s because we have different perspectives on the day. They see grandpa making a face and know the person behind, or look at a group shot and love every person in it. I usually pick out images that have creative angles, dramatic lighting or otherwise please my eye.

Having said all of that, this latest album I designed is unusual in that the Bride & Groom chose photos that are MY favorites as well! I love it when that happens! It means we were a perfect match: photographer’s vision and couple’s desires.

What a pleasure!

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