March 7, 2011

Birthday Blunders

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 This week is my birthday. Unfortunately I have to work that evening so I won’t be doing anything too fantastic. It is an editorial job that came up, which I agreed to do before I realized I wasn’t getting paid. Yeah. Smart move that. Let it be a lesson: don’t assume you will be paid, get the facts before committing yourself to a job!! Not that I mind volunteering, it’s just not exactly what I had in mind for my birthday party. ; )

Thankfully my mom is amazing and is making me Tiramisu for a late night dessert party. ; ) Have you ever had Tiramisu. It’s dreamy. Creamy, rich, not too sweet. MMMM. I’m convinced that the best food in the world originates from Italy, or maybe Indonesia. I’m kind of obsessed with good food. Like real, homemade, garden grown, fresh food. I think I’ll have to do a slide on the topic for the about me page on my website later this summer!! undefined

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