March 30, 2012

Choosing a DSLR camera

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One question that I get over and over is what do I recommend for DSLR cameras? Or can I help someone choose an entry level DSLR? The answer is probably not what you would expect: I don’t know anything about entry level DSLRs! The reason is Nikon and Cannon have dozens of cameras and I only have one. I research equipment only when I need it and only for the specs I need for my business. So I don’t keep up with all the new and various cameras on the market.


HOWEVER here are a few websites that will help you when looking for a camera: 

 A good resource is the National Camera Exchange in Minneapolis. Those guys really know there stuff and are very helpful! If you live in the area I really like the Golden Valley store.
Give them a call and tell them your price point and what you want to do with the camera and they will be able to give you a list of their recommendations which you can then research and compare online. That’s what I’ve done in the past and so far so great!! It’s always nice to have a starting place when looking at technology. : ) Plus it is a smaller company so you will always be connected with a person! Double win.
Research the reviews each camera has!
Once you have 2 or more models on your list you can go to:
DPreview  compares the cameras side by side. See exactly what is the same or different about the cameras. This is helpful in deciding what you like.
Cnet  – Reviews
Steve’s Digi Cams – More reviews
For Nikon equipment I love Ken Rockwell’s website!
Nikon Vs Cannon? 
Honestly as much as it is debated they are both really great camera companies! I’m Nikon, my best friend is Cannon, our photos look pretty much the same as far as clarity etc.The reason I chose Nikon was I went to a store and held the Nikon and Cannon models I was looking at. I felt like the Nikon fit my hands better. Simple as that.
Now I’m not saying go out and buy a camera that fits your hands, no!! But if you have two cameras that you love the specs and both have great reviews and both are about the same price … then it really comes down to which one you like better. How the buttons are laid out. How it feels. Which one makes photography more fun and intuitive for you?
Once you have your camera it’s time to go learn it! Know your camera inside out. Practice with it, and then go out and practice some more. Understand the different buttons. Fstops, Shutter speeds, ISO. Learn to use your eyes all the time, notice color, texture, lines, shadows. Look at great photography and study why these images are striking, how did the photographer use light and composition to capture emotion. Watch tutorials online (Youtube is full of great tutorials for photoshop and how to use your camera). Find great photography blogs and read what other photographers are saying and teaching. The web is FULL of great places to learn!
And remember to have FUN with it too!!
Good luck!
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