September 5, 2013

Claire + Mike | Equestrian Engagement Session | Kris Kandel Photographer

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Claire contacted me several months ago about booking their wedding next summer. I knew within a few minutes of talking to her that we were going to get along great! Plus their story is so amazing: she’s from England, He’s from Minnesota. They met online.  One of the first things she noticed about Mike was the equestrian equipment he used in a profile photo, it was the same natural training equipment she used in the UK. Funny how little things can lead to love and moving around the world!

In a skype meeting with Claire she mentioned she was coming to the USA to visit for a week, so we booked their engagement session and hoped the weather would cooperate! Since horses are obviously special to both of them I drove out to the farm for the session. We started with photos at a neighbor’s barn, so much fun!!

I loved this little corner we found!

Then a few pictures by an old patch of hollyhock flowers! The sunset light was just perfect for romantic, fun photos!

I love how Claire and Mike laugh so easily when they are together!

Then a wardrobe change and some photos with the animals. Claire picked up the kitten and laughed saying  all her friends used to tease her about ending up a spinster cat lady. Well, now she’s going to be a married cat lady. : )

The sunset light was fading fast so we got Bell and Dixie ready for their photo op too. So gorgeous!

I think they were a bit confused about what was going on. ; )

I love the next one, the wide open fields and skies of the midwest.

I asked Mike if he would get on the same horse as Claire – and this happened. The horses were not amused.

Thanks for a great photo session you two! I hope the next few months go well getting your visa’s etc! I can’t wait for your wedding next June, it sounds like it will be an amazing day!



  1. Cheryl says:

    Ahhh they look gorgeous. So happy to see my sister so happy!

  2. Claire says:

    OMG these pictures are fabulous! Thankyou SO much Kris! Can’t wait for the big day 🙂

  3. Anne Watt says:

    These pictures are so beautiful Claire. Lovely to see you so happy. So pleased for you.

  4. […] I’ve been looking forward to this wedding ever since Claire first skyped with me from England last summer! We hit it off so easily, chatting about Europe and our love for our pets! Then last fall Claire flew over for a couple of weeks so we did their engagement session out on the farm where I got to meet Mike and the horses (check out those photos here). […]

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