April 9, 2012

Day 3 in the Netherlands | Amsterdam

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Day 3 in the Netherlands (April 3rd) we got up late, still getting over our jetlag and walked from our cabin to the nearest bus stop. We missed the bus by 1 minute soooo we had to wait for 30 minutes until the next one came along. That’s ok, we’re getting really good at layovers. ; ) Take out the camera and play!

An hour bus ride and a 20 minute train ride later we ended up at the Amsterdam Central Station: Pretty fancy for a train station huh!

The thing about Amsterdam that you notice right away is how BUSY it is. Everywhere you look there are tons of people walking, people biking, trams, buses, and all sorts of languages. I heard Russian, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, American and British English, Dutch, and many others! It was crazy. People here also have a very different sense of personal space than in America. If you walk past someone they almost touch your shoulder, whereas back home both parties will veer around each other about 2-3 feet apart.

The first few blocks from the train station is tourist city! TONS of souvenir shops selling t shirts, key chains, postcards, junk. And lots of orange!

The farther you walk from the station the more interesting the city becomes. More Dutch, less tourist.

We wondered our way down to the Rijksmuseum where we had a sandwich in the garden and then headed inside to see the famous Dutch paintings.

Probably the original Angry Bird:

I noticed in one painting that Elssa (my dog) somehow managed to get into a painting 400 years ago. The dog is even sitting with her head on the knee like Elssa does with me! Maybe this is one of her relatives?

I liked the texture on the Rembrandt paintings. And the colors in Vermeer’s work!


The famous Night Watch was crowded but still very interesting.

I personally enjoyed people watching around the museum almost more than the paintings!

The Rijksmuseum is under renovation so their exhibit was very small, but still worth seeing. Then back to the streets!

Proof that I was really there!

One of my favorite photos of the day was this couple walking past us under the umbrella. The image just seems soooo European to me!

By this time we were very hungry so we found a tiny street with an Indonesian restaurant:

And then back on the train.

It was dusk so the reflections in the window were perfect for fun portraits!!

An hour on the bus and we got back to the cabin tired out! Boy jetlag is exhausting.

Happy Monday everyone!

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