April 14, 2012

Day 8 – Cousins in the Netherlands!

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Monday April 9th, I spent the whole day with my cousin in Rotterdam!! We hardly ever get to see each other (obviously) but when we do it’s really fun, our personalities and interests are so similar that we always have a great time. Even if it’s raining. ; )

We took the subway since the weather wasn’t very great, and then walked all over downtown Rotterdam:

Rotterdam is a port city so lots of ships everywhere!  Of course I need at least one photo of the Dutch flag as well:

My cousin took me to a RSS Rotterdam  – a cruise ship from the 1950’s that sailed between Rotterdam and New York City. It’s been converted into a hotel and restaurant so we could walk around the decks a little bit.

The indoor deck (below on the right) reminded me of a lot of 1940 musicals, can’t you imagine Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dancing there!!

There was also this cool old room that had glass windows that somehow looked like something off of a pirate ship:

And being Me I had to see what it would look like to shoot through that glass, lol!

It rained all day so I had to take a photo of that too … but it was still super fun to walk around the city!

We had coffee at the New York hotel – the place where the large cruise ship used to leave from – across the harbor from the boat. Their coffee was fantastic! Really strong and rich but at the same time sweet not bitter. I wish coffee places in America served it this tasty!

After walking in the rain for most of the morning and early afternoon we headed back to my cousin’s place where she showed me some family documents and photos! Old letters written between my grandparents:

One thing that I found really interesting was my grandmother’s WWII pass card which every Dutch citizen had to carry. Really cool to hold it and try to realize what it must have been like to live in an occupied country. Really scary I would think.

It’s been so fun visiting family again! Totally enjoyed my day! Thank you cousin!!! : )


  1. Hannah says:

    Thank you! I had a lot of fun spending the day together!

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