April 22, 2011

Earth Day @ Starbucks + a Mobile Bride

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 Today I met with a great gal. She is actually the first bride to contact me on her mobile device! The geek in my is just a *little* excited about that!!

Since I work out of my home I often meet up with clients at a local coffee shop since it’s easier to find than my house.  There is a Starbucks just four blocks away from my house which makes it an easy place to meet,  and I love that I can walk in nice weather. Anything to save a little gas, especially with the way gas prices are going up! Which brings me to Earth Day.  Over the last year my lifestyle has become more green. Not really consciously at first, but it’s kind of addicting after a while to figure out how to cut out more junk from my life. It started out by simply switching shampoos and house cleaners to more natural alternatives.  Using white vinegar as a carpet cleaner. Or Cooking more home made fresh foods (I so wish we had a Trader Joe’s in Fargo! When we go to MLPS we totally stock up!).  And the crazy thing … the more we cut out chemicals the better I feel. I didn’t catch one cold or flu this whole winter! My theory is that all the products we live with (shampoos, deodorants, laundry soap, lotion, household cleaners…) the harder our immune systems have to work. I seriously can’t believe how much better I feel! Going “Green” has been a slow process but one that I’m really glad we started.

 Today is Earth day.  Starbucks offered free coffee to anyone who brought in a “Starbucks” mug of their own. So today when I met with my “mobile bride” I enjoyed a hot cup of coffee  in a ceramic mug. I actually enjoyed it more than the paper cups. It felt substantial. A better experience if you will. Yes. Life is full of little pleasures.

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Do you have a green lifestyle? It’s a process, but I’d love to hear what you do and why!


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