August 18, 2011

Editing and becoming a curator

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Love this: ” You don’t make a great museum by putting all the art in the world into a single room. That’s a warehouse. What makes a museum great is the stuff that’s not on the walls. Someone says no. … There’s an editing process … it’s the stuff you leave out that matters. So constantly look for things to remove, simplify, and streamline. Be a curator.” – Jason Fried and David Hansson in the book Rework

I try to do that in my editing process as well. Not every photograph I take at a wedding is worth looking at (it’s painful to admit). Maybe I shot the ground by accident, or someone sneezed mid snap, or uncle bob leans into the frame, or maybe I just trip over my feet as I’m backing up and jiggle the camera. But there is definitely a culling process after the wedding is over, picking out the best images, the great shots, the most emotional, or funny. Trust me, you still get way too many photos, but the point is you get the best.

I aim to be the curator of your wedding photography.

I always did want to be a curator …

And now on to a few fun e-session photos because a post isn’t a post without a photo.

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