August 15, 2011

Fargo Air Show 2011

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This weekend if you were anywhere near Fargo you knew the Air Show was in town – because the Blue Angles were practicing with their Jets all over the skies leaving a trail of thunder behind them. It was a perfect, gorgeous weekend for a day out in the sunshine! The whole atmosphere was like a fair or carnival: people, the smell of hot dogs and cotton candy, music, loud speakers, Navy bands and of course -air planes!

We arrived just as the WWII planes were showing off. I’m a history lover, and WWII era is one of my favorite time periods to study so this was super cool for me!

The B-25 bomber was amazing:

They also had Spitfires. Every time I saw it zoom past I kept hearing the theme song from Foyle’s War in my head (in the series Foyle’s son flies a spitfire). I was amazed at how fast it could go considering it is about 70 years old! How would you like to look up and see hundreds of these flying overhead? A scary or hopeful sight depending on who you were I imagine.

One of the other things that amazed me was how distinct the sound of the WWII engine is. They would start up out of sight and I KNEW it was a WWII plane. Maybe I’ve watched too many old movies but they definitely have their own sound as well as look. A deep throbbing sound.

I love the shot below of the B-25 props – notice all the people in the reflection. : ) Can you spot me?

We even got to stick out heads up inside (although we couldn’t actually go in) … it felt like stepping back in time. The look, the color of the paint, the empty space full of stories and ghosts of past missions.

Turn the image black and white and all of a sudden you ARE back in time. Who sat in these seats?

Love this shot of the crowd: A guy holding his wife & child up to see better!

Tons of other planes to explore: Fat Albert

After the WWII planes then the stunt fliers swooped and spun. Flipping in ways that made you wonder “HOW do they do that?!” 

And then the highlight of the show: The BLUE ANGELS!!

Look at how close together they are? And at 300-500 MPH!

How do they not crash?

Every time they swooped down it was silent until they were right above you and then ROAR!!! The sound vibrated your chest.

Even the fire fighters on duty climbed up high to enjoyed the show.

And the grand finale:

Whew. What an exciting weekend! I sunburned my nose which is a sign of good old summer fun. : )

What did you do for fun this week??

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  1. David says:

    My dad would LOVE to go photograph an air show, nice work… looked fun!

  2. David says:

    My dad would LOVE to photograph an air show, nice work! Looks like it was fun. 🙂

  3. KJK says:

    Thanks! It was awesome to get out and just enjoy photography for the fun of it. 🙂 I LOVE photographing people and weddings but it was refreshing to do something different just because I enjoy it. Have you done any just-for-fun shoots this summer??

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