October 5, 2016

Fargo Autumn Engagement Photos | Kayla & Michael | Kris Kandel Photographer

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I met Kayla last fall when she was a bridesmaid in Sasha & Nathan’s wedding. I just love it when I get to work with people who were in wedding parties or families of past clients!!

You two are so fantastic together!

With both of them having Norwegian heritage of course we had to stop and take a few photos at the Hjemkomst Center Norwegian church!

This Autumn has been a bit of a slow start for the fall colors but we found a few GORGEOUS spots!!

Love it!!

The connection between you is fantastic to see!

Congratulations on your engagement! I can’t wait to photograph your wedding next year!! I hope you enjoyed these personal favorite photo teasers, I’ll be sending you the link to download them all soon!

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