April 21, 2015

Fargo Engagement Photography | Sasha & Nathan | Kris Kandel Photographer

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Last week I got together with Sasha and Nathan for the first engagement session of my 2015 photo season!! It was an AWESOME way to start the year! We had gorgeous weather, and even found a couple of spots by the river with just a little touch of green (yay for color coming back into the world!). Sasha and Nathan were such naturals in front of the camera! Can every session be like this please?

I love how much they laugh together!! So much joy!

Gahhh, the light here was so gorgeous!!

One of my favorites is below. Although it’s so hard to pick!!

Loved this little corner we found with grass left over from last year. You could almost imagine  we did  fall session! Bonus two-for-one look!

This sequence makes me smile so much:

Another favorite!!

Outfit change and then we walked a little ways to find some evergreens for more color:

Downtown Fargo is always a good idea! As well as laying on my back in the middle of the alley way to get these angles. Yup, I’m dedicated like that. ; )

Seriously you guys are too photogenic.

Also Nathan, those guns … dude!

Last outfit change as the light was fading:

Thanks for an amazing session around the Fargo area you guys! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!! I seriously can’t wait for your wedding day so I can work with you again. : )

I’ll be getting your online gallery put together in the next few days so I’ll be emailing you the link to download all the photos soon! Hope you enjoyed these teasers!

Fargo Engagement, Wedding and Senior photographer: Kris Kandel 




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