January 14, 2010

Hello world!

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 My first blog post on the  NEW Kandel Photography site! I’m really excited for many reasons. Maybe it’s just because I’m proud of myself for actually figuring out how to get a domain, find and install a blogging program, and learn how to set it up! I’ve never done anything like it before. Sure I’ve used some of the free blogs out there (xanga anyone?) but never a ‘pro-level’ version. Yup, I’m proud of myself.

I almost feel like someone giving an awards speech … I have to give some credit to a few great people who sent me the links to these programs when I was ready to pull my hair out in frustration! Thank you Dawn Davis!! – you are an amazingly generous woman. And secondly I’d like to thank the two geniuses behind the two programs I’ve used. For my website: Showit fast. I’ve said for years I wish I could build my own site without needing to know html. I’m so glad you had the same idea! And for my blog: Prophoto blogs. So far it’s been fantastic. I can’t wait to really get into blogging!

Let the journey begin.

*In a pair of fabulous shoes of course!*



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