March 12, 2011


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wowzers. I should have ordered decaf coffee this afternoon. I always forget that caffeine and I don’t mix very well. I get really jittery, feel like my heart is racing, get slightly nauseous, and in general don’t feel so good. At home I always make decaf, and I¬†usually remember to tell the barista at the coffee shop, but today I was distracted. I was meeting a fellow Showiteer (someone who uses the showit website program), and just not paying attention. Meeting with another photographer is way too exciting.

I think photographers are just about my favorite people in the world. They are so fun to talk to! We always end up talking for hours without even noticing the time. There’s just so much to talk about. Camera gear, workshops we’re drooling over, crazy clients, fun clients, dreams, goals, business tips, packaging price lists, networking, marketing, art styles, fashion, weddings … yeah the list is long. It’s just so fun to talk to someone else who knows exactly what you mean when you say “my ISO at 1600 + my 50mm 1.8 is the bomb” ; )

Well I guess there really isn’t a reason for this blog, except for my jittery body wanting something to do. Typing is a form of relief. Even if I have to keep using my backspace key due to fingers typing too fast and hitting random letters. Seriously. It’s that bad. Please remind me to never drink caffeine again. Otherwise you may be forced to read regular jitter-bug posts. It’s just about as bad as people texting under the influence. Almost.

Do you drink regular or decaf?

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