July 6, 2010

Kari + John | full version

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My favorite thing about working with John + Kari was how creative they let me be! Plus they were way too easy to work with (spoiling me!). Which makes for pretty special photos!

We started in the barn, where the cat decided to join us. I just love how he adds a touch of random real life to the photo!

And these amazing trees with the sun shining through leading the eyes right down to the couple. Amazing.

The couple out of focus behind the grass makes this photo feel like the couple is in their own world.

 Thankfully those storm clouds in the distance were blowing AWAY not towards us. 🙂

The tone of this one reminds me of the Forrest in S. Carolina and Florida, sort of mossy.

But there’s no doubt that we are in the red river valley! Beets, soy, wheat, gravel roads. I love how close the countryside is to Fargo / Moorhead!

I love it when couples are so comfortable with me that they start swing dancing moves, and aren’t afraid to show a little passion!

Summer sun. Wind. Love.

I’m going to be out of the studio until July 12, so if you need to contact me please e-mail! Once this week is over I’m looking forward to spending a lot of time working on updating my website, shooting more, and updating facebook/twitter/blog more too!

Fun times ahead | better look out

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