October 16, 2012

Katie + Ben | Fargo Engagement Photographer | Kris Kandel

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Katie and Ben wanted to do their engagement session in Fargo with the fall colors. Easy right? Well …  not so much. The trick is trying to schedule around all 3 of our work and school schedules AND guess when the leaves will be turning their lovely colors. It’s always different every year, sometimes in September other times later in October. We decided to go in the middle and picked a date in early October. The week of their engagement session the colors were gorgeous, but weather turned cold and the wind picked up. The leaves were quickly falling and disappearing!! We even got an inch of snow! NOOOO!  I talked to Katie and because of our schedules we couldn’t change the date.  So I did a little scouting and found a few trees that still had color on them – whew!! You’d never know looking at the gorgeous images that these were the last trees in Fargo/Moorhead area that still had  much color!

Katie and Ben are so fun to work with – and you are seriously gorgeous Katie!

I also love tall grasses, so we found some that incorporated more fall color and texture into the images!

Can you spot the photographer in the image below? Don’t worry I kept myself out of all the rest of your photos, but I thought it was fun to do a small cameo in one. : )

This was the moment every photographer loves: when a couple lets their real smiles come out,  totally comfortable!! You guys were so awesome!!

I don’t know how I get so lucky with my clients – you are such models!

The next image is probably my favorite of the day. The color, light, and emotions in it are perfection!

Thank you Katie and Ben for an amazing Engagement session! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Photographing and editing these images makes me super excited about your wedding next summer. Can’t wait!

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  1. anouschka says:

    what a gorgeous session Kris! the light is simply divine!

  2. Great pics – couple look like they are having great fun too!

  3. […] The image on the right reminded me of my favorite photo from their engagement session!  […]

  4. Rebekah Hutcherson says:

    Hi! So I was looking at the engagement pics you have taken. BEAUTIFUL!
    I am having someone take mine on Friday…. But not sure of good country spots we can go to around Fargo. If u have any suggestions for any locations, that would be great!


  5. Kris says:

    Hi Rebekah, sorry I didn’t see your comment earlier. Typically the photographer has locations already scouted for sessions so I hope they picked out some fun places for you. : )

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