September 27, 2019

Miles | Senior Photographer Kris Kandel

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Have I mentioned lately how much I enjoy senior photo sessions? When one of my photographer friends asked if I had any last minute spots open I totally jumped on board, and two days later I was photographing Miles on the steps of the museum. How great is that?!! We had a fantastic time wandering around finding cool backgrounds, chatting about our dogs, and listing all the sports we’ve played.

I’m sure he’s heard it before but I kept thinking I was photographing Clark Kent, which I kind of was, I have a feeling this guy’s going to be a Super Man at whatever he sets his mind to in the future.

The combination of the colors of this wall and his shirt made his eyes really stand out. Wow.

Yup, I photograph professional models. Totally.

Thanks for being a great sport and laughing at my lame jokes. I hope you enjoy these teasers! I’ll have your full gallery ready for you to download by next week. Until then, enjoy hunting season, your sports, and good luck with Senior Year!!

*If anyone still needs senior photos this season I have a limited number of evenings in October still available. Once the snow flies I’ll be only offering a few winter sessions due to weather, so book your high school photos soon!!*

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