June 17, 2011

Radiopoppers + Plan B at a wedding + Cycle of life + Randomness | Fargo Wedding Photographer

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I just bought something that’s been on my wish-list since I first saw them used by Bob Davis in 2008 when I went to a  workshop in Minneapolis: RADIOPOPPERS!They are little devices that you attached to flashes. One sits on the flash on your camera, so when you click the shutter it sends a radio signal to all the flashes to fire. These are going to take my photos to the next level! Especially receptions and dances where I can set up three flashes at different angles, so no matter what direction people move they will be in great light. And the cool thing is that I can control the light output for each individual flash, so I can make one brighter than the next. Cool huh!

I did have a little trouble getting the poppers to work on my SB700 flashes – but I’ll do a vlog on that next week so I can show you what to do if you have the same issues. It’s just easier than typing it all out!

So this is the first test session I had with my sister modeling for me. We were in the basement with all the lights off to simulate a dark dance hall. I’m really pleased!!

undefined   Today I’m getting ready for a wedding tomorrow. Cleaning lenses, clearing memory cards, charging batteries, packing equipment. The glamorous life! 

 (you can see the radio poppers attached to the flashes with a white band)


The wedding tomorrow had an interesting twist two days ago… the church scheduled a funeral just a few hours before the wedding, including a meal in the basement where we were supposed to be getting ready! So we had to go to plan B – getting ready in the school building behind the church. I’m so thankful that my brides are totally amazing people who don’t get fazed by things like this! She’s been so amazing and not a stressed moment through the whole thing. Love that!!

The funny thing is after the wedding there will be a baptism in the church, so it’s like the cycle of life in reverse: Funeral, Wedding, Baptism.

And just because my dog is too cute I’ll leave you with a photo I took of her the same day I did shadow photos. This was one of the window/openings that was creating the neat pattern.

undefined  Well this was one random blog post, but fun to do something different. Tomorrow I’ll post a teaser from the wedding!


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