July 14, 2011


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I’m loving my new radiopoppers. For those of you not photographers out there these little gadgets let me set up off camera flashes around a dance floor or cake or whatever so I can get light from different directions. So fun!


The real reason I wanted to get these was for wedding dances. Most dance halls have NO windows, and even if they do it’s after dark before the dance starts. So I’m often working in a space that has less light than the average Christmas twinkle lights give. And I hate setting my camera’s ISO so high that images get grainy. No more! I’ve shot two dances since I got these babies, and wow, they are amazing!

Just to give you an idea here are 4 images I took setting up the lights:

 For the cake shot I had my assistant hid behind the cake holding one flash pointed towards me for a nice rim light. And I set up a second flash off to the left for side dimension light. Then my on-camera flash filled in the front. Easy. Beautiful!

For the dance I try to set up a triangle. One flash set up on the two far corners, and then my on-camear flash. This lets me get beautiful rim light from one corner, the other corner becomes a side light and my camera flash fills out the front details.


As the couple moves around I can also get some pretty cool flairs.

So glad I invested in these new flashes and radiopoppers. Although getting them set up the first time was really tricky. My vlog this week explains some of the crazy things I’ve learned. Be warned though … my brain blanks on me towards the end – but I decided I didn’t care if I looked stupid. I’m just me. ; )



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