September 27, 2011

Trollwood Bluestem Center for the Arts Wedding | Jackie + Randy | Fargo Wedding Photography

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WARNING  a long post ahead! Ready? Here we go!

Jackie asked me to come to the hair salon (Cloud 9) at about 9 am, as she should be done with hair by about 9:30.

Well it took a little longer than that but we had fun chatting as she got her natural curls curled tighter and pinned.

Then off to the make up chair…

I was super excited to be shooting at a new venue: the Trollwood Bluestem Center for the Arts! It’s gorgeous!! I loved this wall of stone. Lovely light and neat texture. Oh yes!
The brother of the bride saw me hanging the shoes on the wall, later I overheard him telling the bride ,”Did you see what the photographer did with your shoes??!!”
Yes, I have weird ideas. But I love the way the photos turned out!

I don’t think I’ve ever been in such a YELLOW room as the one the bride got dressed in. The walls were yellow pine, the ceiling was yellow pine, the yellow lights were bouncing off of the yellow ceiling. It was crazy! I’ll do a before and after photo later to show you how much I had to push the color in post processing to get the skin tones back. I even had my camera setting as far in the blue range as it would go – but it wasn’t enough. I’m actually surprised I could get them back, I thought I’d have to turn them all black and white. : )
I LOVE the photos of mom seeing Jackie for the first time. She was laughing and crying at the same time. Happy tears are so special.
And first look photos. Another favorite time for excited, emotional images!

See what I mean, the light was gorgeous! I just love how amazing Jackie and Randy are together. Her eyes just sparkle when she’s with him (and don’t you love his dreamy brown eyes next to her stunning blue eyes!).

Then outside to snap a few in the prairie grass. I was so thankful that it wasn’t raining, the gray skies and cold wind were not that pleasant but at least it was dry so Jackie could sit down! She’s so much fun!
Stunning! Randy you are a lucky guy.
I love the playfulness between them. People who don’t take themselves too seriously are my kind of people! ; )
Bring on the wedding party (at Concordia College)!
Tough Guys:
Hot girls:
As you could tell by the shoes and socks the colors were green and orange. So what could you do for centerpieces? Goldfish of course!! What else?!
Jackie told us a hilarious story of going to the pet store to get 24 individually packaged goldfish. You can just imagine the look she got from the poor guy. “What? Ummm we can’t do that … I think.”
But of course she got them in the end:
The fish were a hit with all the kids!
And then the ceremony time was upon us:

Woohoo! Man and wife! Time to toast in the party bus:

I loved the way the Bluestem Event Center lit up as the evening progressed. Such a pretty place for a wedding!!

Amazing food by the Ovendoor. Thank you Jackie and Randy for inviting me to eat too! By this time I was so hungry and thankful for the invitation. : )
 With the sunset out came the party fun. Nerd glasses? Yes please!
Let the dancing begin!
I absolutely love the next two dance images. Probably my favorite dance photos of the night. The light is so deliciously romantic.
The dance floor was full!
It was a lovely wedding day! Maybe a little bit windy but that only gave us some fabulous veil shots. Thank you Jackie & Randy for being not only amazing clients but so open with me! I have absolutely LOVED working with both of you. Jackie your smile and laughter is a joy to be around, and Randy your quiet calm is so comfortable. You are perfect together!!
Hair and Makeup: Cloud 9 Salon  West Fargo- Lirinda
Videography: Fmexposure
Programs: Nikki Ward
Photography: By Me! Kandel Photography or my Facebook Page

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