May 27, 2011

Week 5 – Shadows

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My weekly assignment from my online photo club was Shadows this week. I don’t know why but it was really tough for me! I actually went out twice to try to get a good shot. Not that shadows are hard in themselves, but I just didn’t want a cheesy shot of me standing in a road taking a photo of my shadow. Or a photo of hand shadows. Or a photo of grass shadows. You know, the way everyone takes shadow pics when they are assigned. It didn’t help that we had gray weather most of the week!

So last night on our bike ride I brought my older camera (just in case I crashed, gota take care of my equipment you know!) and kept my eyes open for anything interesting. I finally found a place where these shadows were laying across the sidewalk in an pattern. I made my dog lay down and used the shadows as a backdrop for her portrait. I was trying to think outside the usual shadow box and use them as a way to enhance an image instead of being the focus of the image. undefined

f 5.6 @  1/350  ISO 500


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