January 17, 2011


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I just got back from visiting the wonderful couple who set my feet on this amazing photography journey! They live out in the country, which makes for very relaxing visits as I have to totally unplug from work, internet and life!

The day I drove up there the sky was white, the fields were white.

 Sky kissing fields, or perhaps fields kissing sky. It’s hard to tell where one meets the other.


Even though it was not blizzarding I could see how pioneers easily got lost! When they arrived here there were no trees or roads, only vast prairies. No wonder people simply lost their way. This country is still pretty wild even with the trees planted!

Perhaps living in the white-out-world of Fargo ND  is one of the main reasons I am obsessed with color in my wedding photography! Well, not just wedding photography, our new basement is lime green, yellow and teal. Vibrant. Feeding our eyes the colors of summer. Blue skies, green grass, warm sun. Yes, these things will return.

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