February 22, 2010

YAY … I think.

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Some good news: I’m going to take two weeks off!

Well, kind of.

Sort of.

I’m studying for a really big exam, so I’m not doing any business (except answer e-mails & calls) until after my exam next Tuesday. Too much to study!

But Tuesdan’s only one week away you say, what about the other week? Well after my exam I’m going to take a small vacation to visit a dear friend. She has a beautiful farm! It’s going to be great: animals, fun, tea talks, movies with popcorn, encouragement, and no Internet. 

 So I’ll be back to posting about Photography, Fargo, Weddings, and Seniors in a few weeks. I’m thinking a post about St. Mary’s Cathedral next…

 Stay tuned. And have a great 2 weeks until I get back!!

P.S. I’m getting a lot of spam comments so  if you see any while I’m away don’t click on links! I’ll delete them when I get back.


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