January 6, 2012

2012 – and so it begins

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New Years Eve was a blast! My brother and his wife were here for a few days, so that means laughter was frequent. Ad in some family friends and the whole night was full of  jokes, puns, (a few groaners), and stories!  Our friends brought some interesting traditional ‘treats’ …  kippered herring and smoked oysters –  in a can.  When they opened the cans I kid you not, my exact words were, “Eeeeeww!”  The boys however all thought is was hilarious to dare each other to eat it and, “Prove their manhood” – boys. I will never quite understand them, but at the same time it was very entertaining. ; ) They even gave an oyster to my dog Elssa, but she’s a smart puppy and spit it out.  All I can say is the kitchen smelled very fishy by the time they were done. Oh, and AFTER they ate everything  the expiration date was discovered… 2009. Double EEEEWWWW.

Besides the fish we did have some amazing food too. Mom made Indonesian peanut sauce on chicken, and dutch traditional Oliebollen (a kind of donuts), and of course a cheesecake.  That’s more like my kind of food. 🙂

The whole evening we played games, Dutch blitz (we of Dutch heritage ruled of course, sweeping the tournament 1,2,3!), a Dice game involving a santa hat and three tables, and 4 on a couch took us to midnight. We toasted in the new year with confetti and sparkeling cider, turned on some swing music and danced in the dining room until 1:00 am. Now that’s the way to bring in a new year!!

Unfortunately I didn’t take out my camera all evening. Sometimes I just like to live in the moment instead of always documenting it. As much as I love my camera there are times I’m also tired of it. So the only photo I got was one of the left over confetti mess …


This week I’ve been fighting a cold so I haven’t spent too much time on my 2012 goals yet, but one of my desires for this year is to get back into the blogging habit. To share more of my quirky experiences, daily life, dog photos, silly stories.  Ye Be Warned.

Happy 2012!!

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