November 23, 2011

Alyssa + Keith | The Avalon Fargo | Wedding Photography

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11.11.11 – the most popular date of the year. I was quite nervous that the weather would be bad. You can never tell in November – we could have blizzards or sunshine, fog, rain or wind.  But we were blessed with a perfect day! Warm enough that the Bride didn’t even need her coat. Now that I can take with a smile!  We started out at The Avalon in Fargo where the Bride was given a space to get ready. Much nicer than a church basement nursery with crayon drawings all over the walls and plastic toys to trip over. : )  The Bride earned extra points with me, lol!

I adore this dress!! Ack, the flower detail, and POCKETS. It has pockets!

We decided to do the first look behind the Avalon in the alley since it was such a pretty day.  I love the whole sequence of photos so bear with me, they are too full of joy to pick one!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shot below that my assistant got. The Bride’s sister (the gorgeous blond) has such a perfectly sweet expression. Life and photography is all about those moments. Those emotions.

Portrait time!! My favorite part of the day, working with Alyssa and Keith! Gosh you two are fabulous!

Can you find me in the photo below? My assistant snapped this photo and I laughed at how I look like “Where’s Waldo”  in the corner. – side note Anyone remember Where’s Waldo? I used to love those books when I was a kid!

Now for my very FAVORITE  images from the day. We were walking in this alley and I found this little spotlight of gorgeousness. A window on the opposite building was reflecting the sunlight just like a spotlight right on the couple. Seriously just thinking about it makes my heart beat a little faster. How can light be so delicious! All that to say these are pretty much strait out of camera , 100% natural light. No flash!

The perfect storm of beautiful people, stunning dress, and lovely light. sigh.

We found ourselves at the lovely orange wall. You’d think I knew ahead of time that she would have orange accents in her bouquet. Nope, just one of those perfect situations where everything comes together to make me look good (and the couple) lol!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I LOVE using architecture in my photography. I think if I didn’t love working with people I’d definitely be tempted to do architectural photography. I love the lines, the textures, the structures that lead the eyes where you want them to go. It’s awesome! But of course the BEST is using it to bring the eyes to people who are the most interesting thing on this earth!

I know it’s kind of cheesy but I love asking the couple kiss in front of their wedding party. Why? Just look at their faces… the couple is smiling – WHILE kissing – the wedding party is laughing along, and I think that’s the best thing ever. Joy.

Remember I said POCKETS – yeah kind of obsessed with them.


You’d never know the photos above were taken in the doorway of the church with only about 24 inches of space and a wheelchair in the way! And YES I have no problems getting down and dirty if it means getting the shot I need. No wonder I’m sore from head to toe the day after a wedding, lol!

The one sad thing about November weddings is the sun sets so early! It wasn’t even 5:00 yet and we were already getting sunset images outside the church.


Getting ready to walk down the aisle. Last minute nerves maybe? More likely playing up to the camera. : )

Because it was pitch black outside and the party bus really didn’t have any lights I headed straight back to the Avalon and focused on reception details instead. A much better use of my time!

 I enjoy challenging myself with detail shots to make everything look magical. It’s super fun to use my extra flashes and ad dimension to images. I also really enjoy getting bokeh in my images (that’s technical lingo for the way lights in the distance become these round glowing spots of light.)

The Avalon catered a delicious meal which I was SO thankful to be invited to. I was extremely hungry by this time – I was afraid my rumbling tummy was making it a little obvious.  Thank you Alyssa & Keith for inviting us to eat with you!!


 The whole day was lovely from start to finish. Smooth, no major hiccups or problems. Now that’s a perfect wedding day!

Thank you Alyssa & Keith for laughing with me, listening to my directions, and being yourselves with me!



Flowers: Designs by Donna

Cake: Fantasies in Frosting – Fargo

Dress: David’s Bridal 

DJ: Mixed Vibes – Jeremy Albright -sorry I couldn’t find the website but if the Bride lets me know I’ll ad it!

Venue and Catering : The Avalon- Fargo 

Photography by: Me! Kandel Photography 

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