May 15, 2011


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My club assignment last week was “Yellow” – Easy right? Well yes and no. Yellow is everywhere. But because it’s everywhere you have to find something interesting. I had an idea in mind but it rained all week so I had to go to my second choice for subjects.

Can you guess what this is:

undefined  It’s a tulip petal!!

I wanted to do something different, an abstract art piece that made you LOOK at it instead of glance.

Plus lots of people had submitted flowers as subjects and I wanted  to approach the topic outside the usual way of looking at things. To stretch my abilities and techniques.

 I used the good old  “Poor man’s macro” trick with my 35mm 1.8 lens.  Super close up. It’s REALLY hard to keep anything in focus when you have that small of a window for depth of field, any breath makes things sway in and out of focus. So it was difficult to get the effect that I wanted. I held my breath a lot, which then made me pant like I’d been exercising, which made me look ridiculous! But hey, anything for a great shot right!

Yellow actually has a great personal memory for me. When my brother and his wife were dating they wanted to do something fun for our whole family. So they made a “yellow meal” … everything was yellow! The table cloths, the paper plates, the food. Corn,  lemonade, yellow bell peppers, golden potatoes, bananas. It may not have been the most balanced meal, but it was fun!  And they made a music mix of songs that used the word “yellow” so everytime we heard it we had to yell “yelloooooow.”  Do you know how many songs use the word yellow?

  • The Yellow Submarine.
  • It was all Yellow.
  •  Itsy Bitsy, Tiny weeny, yellow polka dot bikini.
  • She Wore a  Yellow Ribbon in Her Hair.
  •  Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree.
  • the Yellow Brick Road

Yeah a LOT.

So that’s my Yellow story. And my Yellow picture.

But I look yeaack in Yellow, so you won’t catch me wearing it.


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  1. Joren says:

    Haha! Great memories! 🙂

  2. KJK says:

    Yup! And did you notice – I linked to your new website. 😉

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