May 17, 2011

Week 4 assignment – F8

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So I got a head start on this week’s assignment. Shoot a photo at f8. (For you non-photographers that is a lens setting which isn’t used very often in portrait photography, so it’s out of our comfort zone)

I was going to wait until later this week to shoot it, but I was walking by my desk an noticed the sunlight pouring through my glass making a very magical pattern. I just grabbed my camera and snapped.


f8 @250, ISO 800. Shot with my 35mm1.8 lens.


Tomorrow is another engagement session, and then I’m taking some baby pics (I only shoot babies for past clients, otherwise I am 100% weddings now) on Thursday. So a busy few days coming up!

 I’m so glad the weather is gorgeous this week!

 I’ve also got some new things up my sleve for the next few weeks (think video), so you’ll want to check back soon!


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