June 15, 2012

Behind the Scenes | Fargo Wedding Photography | Carrie and Justin

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I’m starting a new blog feature this summer: Behind the Scenes at a wedding!

>>>>>>> I’ll start with Justin and Carrie’s wedding on May 18, of this year.  <<<<<<<

Be sure to go check out their full blog post to see some of the fabulous images they got!!

One of the unusual things at this wedding was that the Bride got ready by herself. The bridesmaids and her mom were at the hotel, so to stay on schedule I ended up being the one to help her  button up her dress! Something new to put on the resume. ; ) Hey, when you get this wedding  photographer you get more than a photographer!

You can barely see it but in the second photo I’m actually taking macro shots of the rings against the stain glass window (I’ll include the photo to show you what I was seeing!).

The image that came out of my camera:

Up on the ledge, down on the floor, hold a five pound camera at eye level for 8-10 hours, no wonder I’m sore by the end of the day!

 Organizing the wedding party, keeping the dress neat – all part of the job! 

And of course the important job of catching the bride walking to her groom!

I hope you enjoyed the little glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes at a wedding day!  More as the summer progresses!!

Check out Justin and Carrie’s wedding photos here. 

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