March 24, 2011

Bridal tip #1

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Every bride wants to look amazing in her wedding dress.

 It’s usually the first item that a bride gets for her wedding. It’s also the subject of much anticipation, excitement, and sometimes a little fear. There are several reality tv shows surrounding the mystic of the wedding dress: (Say Yes to the Dress) or the desire to fit it perfectly: (Bridal Bootcamp) Ladies, we tend to want to have perfect bodies to go with our perfect dress. I’ve known brides who go on extreme diets and exercise regimes. Now there’s nothing wrong with eating healthy and getting in shape. The problem comes up when you loose so much weight and don’t get your dress fitted. Yes, I have seen those perfect dresses hanging on bodies pounded into shape that look  ridiculous. One of my fist brides ever was a larger woman, who lost all her weigh … let’s say in the chest area. She had her dress fitted 6 weeks before the wedding, but lost a considerable amount after the fitting. You can imagine the horrible situation as she tried on her dress that wedding morning and it stuck out three inches in front. It was one of the hardest photography days of my career. No matter where I stood I had to be careful not to literally look down the dress! Talk about awkward moments.

So my dear brides. By all means get in shape, but please, please, please either have a dress fitting closer to the wedding date, or else maintain the same size after the fitting!

You are going to look lovely because you are!


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