March 22, 2011

Lightning and snow showers | or how to DIY

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Wow. It’s snowing, sleeting, thundering, and lightning outside. It’s “Snailing” (snow, rain, and hail) outside. The prairies of North Dakota are wild country! It feels really weird. I’m actually going to turn my computers off after posting this blog since I’m afraid the ice build up on the cables may cause an electricity short in the next hour or two. Not worth loosing a computer over! Time to get out the emergency candles. It’s at times like this when I am glad we have a wood burning stove, just in case. It would at least keep us warm, and who doesn’t love a cup of hot chili cooked on a wood stove!

Today has been a pretty good one (besides the crazy weather). I got my mobile website up and running!  So if you have a mobile device, phone, ipad, or ipod, you can now check out my website on it! It should automatically read that you are on a mobile device, and rout you to the mini website that is all proper HTML, not flash. Whew. I was really intimidated by this project! But as always I find if I just go step by step I surprise myself with what I can actually do! Isn’t that the way life goes. Things look hard or scary. The rock wall looks so high to climb. But take it one step at a time and all of a sudden we are on top of the obstacle, and stronger for trying (yes, college math, I am thinking of you)! I’m always amazed at the fact that so many people just don’t try to do anything themselves. I grew up in a family that improvised, that hung our own wallpaper, that re-purposed thrifted items into beautiful useful objects.  Maybe that’s why I am a business owner|wedding photographer. I may be afraid of things, but I try them anyway. And you know what, it’s kind of fun too. : )

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