August 9, 2011

Early memories + Bow – tie pasta

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I have a favorite pasta shape. Do you?

Maybe it’s a weird thing to even have a favorite, but it’s true. I love  bow-ties AKA: butterflies. Technically named Farfalle. Why you may ask? Well one of my earliest memories is when I was about 4 years old, sitting at the table eating bow-tie noodles in Germany. My only other German memory was my preschool teacher / daycare leader only had one hand – her other arm a stump, yet she amazed me that she could tie my shoes and I couldn’t do it with two hands!! Such talent. : )  Funny what we remember isn’t it. Farfalle and a one handed teacher. We only lived in Germany for about 8 weeks while my parents were training for work in Africa, so it’s pretty amazing that I remember anything from that short period of time!

Anyway, I think of those memories every time I have bow-tie pasta for lunch – like today.

Ok, enough sentimentality over noodles! Sheesh.

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