August 8, 2011

Krysten & Heath’s Fargo Wedding + Credit Card Fraud

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Oh my word, the last week has been insane for me. It started out when I got my credit card bill and noticed three items that were not mine. Yikes. Call the company and go through the whole “If you want to hear your balance please press 3, if you want to update your address press 72, if you would like more options press 39840940” etc. Finally talked to someone who transferred me to their fraud department where I had to go through every purchase one by one with the representative. Turns out in the week it took me to get my statement this thief had gone pretty wild with my card. Bought tons of stuff like netflix, apple itunes, cosmetics etc. They tried to get $2K worth of equipment off of newegg but thankfully that one was denied. The funniest thing was they signed up for!!! Irony for two reasons: #1 I’ve said I’d never do online dating because you never know who you are dealing with … which brings me to #2: did they put “thief” under occupation?!!?! lol! Wow. I hope nobody dates them, that’s just sad.

Neeless to say, I spent a lot of time trying to sort out the mess. Thankfully my Credit Card company is taking care of most of it, and I’m not liable or responsible for any of the fraudulent charges. But I still got pretty frazzled by the whole ordeal. I’ve been double checking my other accounts and debit cards etc to make sure none of the others are compromised. Reported to the Credit Bureau and put a flag on my SS, just so it doesn’t go from credit card fraud to identity theft – which is totally freaky! And did a bunch of praying for identity protection. Yikes. It’s amazing how vulnerable you feel after something like this. There’s no way to trace how they got my card (I’m super careful where I use it), and what other info they have. My bank did reasure me that the kind of purchases they were making were all online which means they probably only have the card number, since they are not doing any in-person purchases. Whew!

Ok, enough of all that drama. Let’s look at pretty pictures to calm those ruffled nerves!

Krysten and Heath’s wedding!!



Dress: Allen Evans

Flowers: Hornbachers

Venue and Catering: Radisson 

Fargo Wedding Photography by: Kandel Photography – Me ; )

Kandel Photography | Fargo Wedding Photographer | Facebook Page

  1. Renae says:

    Okay, first. TOO funny. I had someone steal my CC# and they signed up for two online dating sites! What is with these people?

    And second, beautiful images!

  2. KJK says:

    wow! Now I really don’t ever want to do online dating … too many crooks! lol!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    met my husband online and yes, I would do online dating…plain and simple you never know who you will meet in life and they are all about….

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