August 6, 2010

Licorice | creativity | color

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All my life I’ve loved licorice. This is mostly due to  the introduction of  “Drop” (a very salty licorice candy from northern Europe) at a very young age. This is an important fact, because drop is definitely an acquired taste. Most of my friends spit it out the moment I drop one on their tongue, usually making hilarious faces, which is why I gave it to them in the first place. Anyway … because Drop is hard to find here in the USA (read almost impossible!) I content myself with mild licorice candies. One of my favorite varieties are these tiny, candy coated, colorful sweets. But I never know how to store them.

Until now:


Pretty sweet huh!

I now have a pretty bottle of candy in my studio. I love the color. I love the taste. I love the playfulness.

So when you stop by the studio, feel free to sample!



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