August 7, 2010

My Dream:

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I think dreams are important. They spur us to action, inspiration, and give life that sparkle of  joy over having something to aim at. Over the last year a new dream has been emerging in my heart. So last week I redesigned my inspiration board to include it. And of course I had to photograph it to share with you:


I’m drooling over this workshop by Kenny Kim .  It looks so amazing! I love the fact that it’s a small intimate group of photographers, perfect for making new friends. I always feel like I learn so much just hanging out with other photographers, and shooting together!! And ITALY, o my, I think every stone in that country is blessed with beauty. It just tugs at me to photograph it! So. Beautiful.

I’ve started saving all my coins in a puple velvet box. This will be my “Mad Money” to buy souvenirs, eat out, and of course sample some gelato. The rest of the tuition … well  I’m hoping by 2012 I can live my dream! 

What are you dreaming about??

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