June 6, 2014

Lindsey + Wade | Wahpeton Wedding | Kris Kandel Photographer

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Last weekend was the first 2014 wedding to start off my season! I was a bit nervous because the weather was threatening rain – it actually rained the whole drive down to Wahpeton! But I knew from working with Lindsey & Wade at my cousin’s wedding last year, and their engagement session, that they would be relaxed and not stressing. So that was pretty awesome! And wouldn’t you know it cleared up just as I arrived at the church! Answered prayers for sure, lol!

Bridesmaids reactions are always so fun.

Of course the groom’s reaction is always pretty great too!

We had a bit of trouble on this bridge because every time we set up for them to stand in the center we’d hear the rumble of golf carts coming up the bridge behind them! I think it took about 4 tries before we managed to get that kissing photo below!

The next images really show off why it’s so great to have my 2nd photographer (thanks sis!) with me. I took the image on the left, she took the one on the right – at the same time!

Again, I took the left, she took the right. Same moment, two very different images!

Loved this spot!

After about an hour the wedding party joined us at the Wahpeton Prairie Rose Carousel!!

I think the groomsmen had a bit too much fun goofing off for the cameras, lol!

Then outside for some more wedding party fun!

Gotta love kids!! 😀

And lots of laughs!

Lindsey & Wade had this awesome double decker bus taking them around town. It’s a legit British bus that was brought over and restored. Soooo cool.

After this we headed back to the church for formals and family photos (I won’t post those here on the blog) and then detail photos!

Before you know it the ceremony time arrives!

And as the wedding party got back on the bus I ran over to the NDSCS campus for a few wedding reception detail photos!

I’m kind of digging this grand entrance lighting. Very dramatic and FUN!

Lots of laughs all evening long!

And that’s where we wrapped things up. Thanks so much Lindsey & Wade for being awesome!! I really enjoyed your wedding day and hope you did too!! 😀

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