June 28, 2013

Megan + Michael | Wolverton Wedding | Kris Kandel Photographer

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Be warned this is a LONG wedding recap!! So grab some popcorn, a few tissues and let’s dive right into Megan and Michael’s wedding day in Wolverton MN! I knew it was going to be a special day, their engagement session was so much fun, I just knew the big day was going to be even better – and it was!

We started off with photos of Megan and Michael by the church. Megan had a huge smile on all day, shining to everyone around! They were so happy it was awesome!

As I was driving into Wolverton I noticed a shed a block away from the church that was the most gorgeous teal and white stripes, so of course we had to take advantage of it. I can’t help it, color speaks to me!

I think the photo on the right (below) is one of my favorites from the day!

Megan was one of those brides that just radiates a beautiful joy. Seriously gorgeous!!

Gotta love Michael’s smirk. : )

Then we walked back to the church to do wedding party photos, starting with the bridesmaids.

So much laughter all day long!

Of course we had to take the wedding party to the colorful wall too. : )

We also took a few minutes to take a couple photos of Megan with her twin, and then both brothers. I love informal family photos!

Back at the church we did family photos (I won’t share them on the blog since it’s already getting long) and afterwards took detail photos while the wedding party hid from guests arriving.

Before you know it it’s time to walk down the aisle!

Happy tears are always a beautiful thing.

MR & MRS!!!!

Outside Megan’s grandfather had his 1920 Ford truck ready for the getaway car! Isn’t it gorgeous!

Only one slight problem. A flat tire! No worries the groomsmen had it fixed in no time.

While the tire was being fixed the kids had fun honking the horn. : )

And they’re off!

Back at the farm my assistant (thanks sis!) and I rushed around the tent taking detail photos before too many guests arrived. But they were right behind us so we were working so fast I was out of breath! “Did you get a photo of this table? How about this corner? Get the cake – quick grandma is coming to sit at the table behind it!!!”

But boy oh boy were the details BEAUTIFUL! And the most amazing thing – Megan and her family did it ALL themselves!!!  Talk about a DIY wedding. : )

Love the popcorn idea! They had kettle corn, caramel corn and regular salty. Along with toppings of all kinds.

Everywhere I looked there was another lovely detail. Wrapped books, rose centerpieces, twinkle lights, pompoms, notes.

Let me tell you, this chocolate cake smelled SOOOO good. It made me hungry just taking photos of it!

When we finally covered the indoor details my assistant and I took a breath and walked around the property where we discovered MORE cute things at every corner!

After the meal Megan and Michael had some toasts and then we headed out to do some photos around the property while guests finished up eating.

Another two favorites from the day!  It was “golden hour” where the light is just dreamy and Megan + Michael were relaxed after the ceremony. It was so fun to walk around as the breeze cooled and the sun set.

The dance started with a choreographed first dance, which was so sweet!

One of the fun things about working with a 2nd photographer (my sis) is she and I can get totally different looks at the same time. I took the photo on the left with more ambient light settings, and my sis got the one on the right playing with the sunset and a more silhouette look. Love it!!

Let’s get this party started!!! I love dances!!

We packed up as the first stars came out and the last of the light faded away. What a perfect end to a gorgeous day!!! Thank you Megan and Michael for sharing it with my sister and I, we had a blast working with you!! Happy honeymoon and I’ll be in touch with your wedding disks soon!! : )



Wedding Dress: Fiancee Bridal  – 6 S. Main St • Downtown Minot 701-838-9616

Wedding Hair: MJ Capelli – 126 11th St. S.  Moorhead, MN   218-236-4857

Flowers: Done by the Bride’s family

Cake: Hornbachers

DJ: Rokin’ R Productions (Rick)

Catering: NDSU Catering

Wedding Photography: By Me! Kris Kandel Fargo Wedding Photographer – check out my main website and my facebook page!


  1. Abby says:

    Such a sweet wedding!!! BEAUTIFUL job capturing it all! You and Anni make a great team.

  2. Dori Kurtz says:

    Beautiful pictures !

  3. Kristi Johnson says:

    Wow! Beautiful pictures, you captured the mood of the celebration perfectly.

  4. Laurie Brakke says:

    The pictures brought tears of joy to my eyes. One of the most beautiful weddings I have ever attended…so many special details …capturing that personal touch! Thanks for a wonderful day of celebration!
    Lots of Love, Aunt Laurie

  5. Candy Johnson says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple and a beautiful place! What a perfect day!

  6. Kaaren says:

    Stunning photos! It was a beautiful wedding and every last detail was perfect resulting in a day that was focused on joy and love – as a wedding should be. Well done!!!

  7. Kristi Johnson says:

    Flowers for the wedding party and hanging baskets were done by Thompson Nursery out of Barnsville, MN…they were all absolutely gorgeous and fit the day perfectly. The centerpieces and other random flowers were done by family and friends.

  8. Cheryl Roberts says:

    Such beautiful pictures of a beautiful day. Much love and luck to Michael and Megan on their new journey together. Thank you for sharing the photos. Everyone looks healthy and happy and full of love.

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