August 26, 2011


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This week’s assignment in my fun photography club is: Reflections.

I just bought a pair of fun sunglasses for .40 cents (yes, a $40 pair of glasses on sale + $10 off cupon = .40 cents paid!) … and I noticed they were extremely reflective.

So I made my sis try them out while she was playing fetch with Elssa I snapped this photo.

ISO 200 F2.8 @ 1/500

I’m using my old camera for all my assignments now because Nikon has sold out of all their D700’s and I don’t want to break mine and not be able to replace it (it scares me just saying that!). There are rumors that Nikon will be announcing a new DSLR camera in the next 2 months, but until they do I’m going to be VERY careful and only use mine for work. I do have backups but my D700 is my favorite camera so it’s being babied right now. ; ) I hope the rumors are true that the next model will include HD video, that would be so fun!! Until then my assignment pics are taken with my 4 year old D80.

It’s been a quieter few weeks for me. Really nice to be caught up on all my editing and design work. To be able to enjoy summer and family! Tomorrow I visit my grandmother who has no internet – not sure how I’ll survive but hopefully I will.  And then life gets crazy again in September!! I’m enjoying time off but also looking forward to being busy with work. It’s such a strange business … one month you work 6 days a week 16 hour days, the next you had nothing to do. So weird. But it keeps life interesting!!

What are your weekend plans?

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