August 29, 2011

Adventures on the road to Grandma’s house

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Last Friday was just one of those days. You know the kind. You wake up all excited and happy and then everything slowly falls apart until you have the choice of either crying or laughing hysterically. Yep. One of THOSE days.

My mom, sis and I were planning on being on the road to visit my grandma by noon. Well, things just kept going wrong all morning. We needed to make some bread to leave with my dad and brother, but we didn’t have time, so we made scones instead. Except I added too much soy milk and they got super sticky. So mom added more flour which poofed all over the kitchen. And then somehow a bit of dough ended up on the floor and mom tracked the sticky stuff all over the kitchen before we noticed. This is what comes out of trying to bake in a hurry! It took about an hour to clean up.

Then my bro asked us to mail one of his etsy sales on our way out of town (he makes awesome hand turned wood items which you can check out here!). So we headed out to the post office -which had a LONG line of course. We finally get to the counter and the lady told us we couldn’t mail this particular box to France because it had “Priority”  printed on it. So we had to trek back to the house, repackage the whole thing, go back to the post office and finally mail the silly box. By this time it was 3:30 in the afternoon.

On the road!! Yes!! We drove from Fargo to Bismarck – about 3.5 hours and decided to stop for something to eat. 3 hamburgurs and choclate shakes later we happily get into the car, drive 2 blocks and hear this flapping noise from the front right. oh, NO. It can’t be. We just bought new tires last week (seriously!). We pulled off the road and sure enough:

Great! At this point we reached the laughing hysterically side of things. Empty out all our suitcases and pillows to get to the spare. Call Dad. Call AAA.  We actually stopped right beside the Bismarck Cemetery so my sis and I wandered around trying to find our great-grandparents graves (no luck) – and pointing out neat names. Gustuv, Ludwig, Odessa, Laverne, Otto, Jerome, Hildaguard. Actually quite entertaining.

The AAA guy came and put on our spare, and told us to check out Sears across the street since they were open for another 20 mintues (it was 7:35 on a Friday night – everything else in town was closed!). So we rushed over and got in at the very last minute before they locked up for the weekend. Whew. It wouldn’t have been fun to be stranded over the weekend!  I’m so thankful the flat came while we were in Bismarck, we could easily have been 100 miles in the middle of nowhere! Most of North Dakota looks like this:

Beautiful but not exactly where you want to have a flat tire. God seems to enjoy taking care of us!!

We finally arrived at my Grandma’s house at about 9:30pm, so nice to see her again! Visiting, drinking her so-pale-it-could-be-herbal-tea coffee, and listening to stories.

 And so our “Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day” turned out just fine after all.  (Bonus points to anyone who loves that book!)

A few more pics from the road:

I snapped the next two out of the window at 80 mph – but I liked the blurred edges.

 All’s well that ends well.

Until later!

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  1. Kari Thorson says:

    I’m glad you were able to laugh about the events that took place!

    And I keep saying I’m going to stop and take a picture of those flooded trees. They always have those creepy black birds on them!

    beautiful pics as always!

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