September 2, 2011

Weekly assignment club

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This week’s assignment: Melancholy. Not the easiest of subjects to picture, it’s more like something that words can evoke in poetry.  I really wasn’t sure what to do! I even thought about it while I was falling asleep, “What can I do for this week’s assignment???? … zzzzzZZZ”  (Not that I snore, I’m sure my sister would let me know if I did!)

Anyway I woke up to drizzle and gray skies. Perfect moody day. This weather reminds me of my grandfather’s funeral. A drizzly gray day when I watched raindrops roll across the window on the way to the cemetary. Almost as if the whole world was melancholy. I wanted to capture that emotion again for this assignment so I grabbed my camera and went out to sit in the car.

ISO 400 F5.6 @ 1/40 second


I’ve really enjoyed having a few weeks off this month. That doesn’t happen very often so I cram all my summer fun, reading, visiting grandparents, and random projects into a few weeks! Starting next week I’ll have two back to back weddings and then things will slow down again as the weather cools off.  I HATE to say it, but now that it is September … well I just WON”T say it, maybe that will delay the inevitable. ; )

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