January 23, 2010

Saturday doodles

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      I love the visual arts – more than just photography. I used to draw a lot in my journals, and took several art classes, but this last year I’ve slowly forgotten about it. Most of my attention has been focused on learning photoshop and other things!

A few months ago I found these two books at the local thrift store. Vintage, Art Deco posters from the 1920-1950’s! My favorite time periods and art style! I didn’t know what I’d do with them, but for 25 cents I grabbed them. I got home, cleaned the covers, and put them on my shelf. Forgotten.  

Last weekend I had some extra time, so I pulled out my journal, some pens and ink, and tried to decide what to draw. I passed by these books on my shelf, and looking through the pages I noticed a bunch of neat details to doodle … Can you spot the woman I drew?

I just love the little girl below!

 I’d forgotten how relaxing sketching can be!

Do you enjoy drawing?

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