January 24, 2010

Who am i

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Our church is doing a 6 week study on our Shape, or how God made us with special talent and ability. I know I’m an artist, but I often wonder how I can turn that into something more. How I can help people, or radiate God’s grace through my being. My talents aren’t the typical church talents of music or watching children, or working on the streets. But after thinking about it, maybe it’s good that I don’t have those gifts. Other people do!

I ran into this quote today on another photographer’s blog and it struck me:

“You’re an artist. You’re at times a poet and a storyteller. You’re at times a journalist. You’re a technician and an inventor. For wedding photographers, you’re a therapist, a psychologist – even a mediator. And my favorite of all, you’re a magician – you capture memories and turn the intangible into reality!” ~Skip Cohen

It hit me because one of my goals is not just to give Brides and Grooms great photographs, but to make their day special. To bring a bit of calm, and joy into the crazy drama. To help things run smoothly. I’m not just giving images, I’m making their memories of the wedding day special too! And that is a worthy goal. Marriage is sacred. It’s blessed by God, and I believe when I honor the wedding day, I’m honoring God as well as blessing people. What a beautiful thing. This is my gift.

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