April 27, 2011


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I’ve joined an online group that does once a week photography challenges. This week was the first one and we were given the subject “Simplicity” – which is actually really hard to know what to photograph! What is simplicity? Is it an emotion evoked by the image? Is it the way we are supposed to approach the project? Or maybe it just means not getting to complex in our lighting and set up? Anyway I took this image today:

undefined  The only light is from the morning sun. No fancy flashes or reflectors. I enhanced the contrast a bit in photoshop just to make the steam stand out from the background a little bit more.

 Simple subject. Simple light. Simple editing. : )

It’ll be fun to have a weekly project to practice on. Even if the photo isn’t that crazy it is a mental exercise too. Planning what to take a photo of instead of just reacting to things around me, which is how I normally shoot at weddings and with people.  I take ques from the vibes people give me, the light of the location, and the weather. I almost never sit down and think about what I want my photo to look like, I just capture what I’ve been given to work with! So this is good for me.

Next week Wedding Photography season starts up!! Yay!


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