April 29, 2011

Yes, I was “one out of three” people today

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Today I followed the crowed of millions and watched the royal wedding… starting at 3AM!!! I think I’m crazy. But why not celebrate a wedding?

The morning started off with a startle since 3 am is pretty deep sleep time. My dog was not amused either. She kept giving me the look.  Then a trek to the living room where my brother set up our little tv. Yes, we have to set up the tv whenever we want to watch anything live. Our larger tv is only hooked up to dvd player, so if we want to see a sporting event or anything on the networks we have to drag out our little 15 inch screen and try to get the channel to come in! Isn’t it interesting what different people find important? We love our computers and cameras in this house, but music and television. eh. 

Then out came the apricot scones we made last night … and English Breakfast Tea of course!! Can’t have an English party without tea.

undefined  It was actually really fun to watch the pom and splendor. And I loved learning a little bit more about weddings in England. Bridesmaids are all children under the age of 10! And they walk behind the bride. Who knew. 

I loved Kate’s dress and understated flowers. Very eligent. She reminded me a lot of Maria in Sound of Music. Simple yet gorgeous walking slowly down the isle.  Westminster Abby was splendid and magical with the trees inside! It softened the whole place into a beautiful garden!  Whoever filmed the ceremony got lots of props from me for the amazing videography, the shots were so pleasing on the eyes.  Wow. 
I think you get the idea … I enjoyed the whole event!

undefined undefined undefined undefined  All photos can be found HERE thanks to MSN.com

What a joyous day. It may seem silly to make so much out of a couple, but I think the world just wants to have a day off from bad news!

I know I enjoyed it. How about you?


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