May 2, 2011

Wedding Photography Season Starts NOW

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I dream a lot about photographing weddings. Usually horror situations. When I shot film I used to have this dream where my camera would pop open and the film canister would fall out of my camera, unraveling as it bounced up the aisle, exposing and ruining the whole roll as I ran in slow motion screaming “NOOOOOOOO” – yes I have a dramatic mind.

But last night I was dreaming about the fun side of my job. Working with couples. Looking at the light and situation I’m thrown into and making it work. In my dream last night it was a windy, bright day. I was talking the bride into going outside to get some cool shots of her veil blowing in the wind.

The reason my mind has been turning this way is probably two fold.

#1 the Royal wedding last week, and all the media around it got my mind spinning.

 #2. My wedding season starts in earnest this Saturday.

Yes I did a wedding in February, but this is the start of a pretty busy summer schedule! I’m excited to get back behind the lens! I am hoping that the forecasted rain for the weekend goes away, but even if it doesn’t I’ve got a few ideas on some cool things we could do after the ceremony – imagine downtown Fargo with all the lights reflecting on the wet pavement. As long as it’s not pouring rain I think we could snap a few fun shots!!

So stay tuned, the Wedding Season has begun!

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