January 21, 2012

The Quiet Season for Wedding Photography in Fargo.

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Winter. The quiet wedding photography season. Not many brides want to have their weddings when it’s -20 degrees and the chance of a blizzard canceling the whole event! So what do I do in the winter?  I work on a lot of behind the scenes (not so exciting) things like sales taxes, website updates, and SEO (search engine optimizing – basically get my google rank higher).

It’s not all boring though, I have more time for fun things like reading too. Right now I’m on a young adult/Junior fiction kick. It’s a genre I haven’t read much before so I’m enjoying the surprise of great reads! I used to think YA books were all yuck and romance, but I’ve found some very interesting adventures, mysteries, and creative plots! To curl up with a cup of hot tea and read for a few hours without the guilt of editing hanging over my head is refreshing. ; )

One of the main things I’m spending time on right now is a new business venture – not photography related. I can’t reveal it until I get the website set up. It’s in the foundation stages right now, searching keywords on google, learning how to market the subject, planning out the timeline, researching data to write about in the blog posts for the new website, listening to business podcasts to get tips on launching an online business and generating traffic. It’s such a new world for me because my photography business has been  word of mouth oriented, so to start a new online project from scratch is a bit overwhelming. I feel like I have a 1,000 piece puzzle to fit together!

It will be awesome to generate a business I can work on in the winters when my photography is slow (and no income is coming in). And one I won’t need to babysit in the summer when I’m shooting 5 weddings in a row and don’t have extra time to invest in a 2nd job. I’m really excited about the possibilities!

How exciting is that!

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